No Context 2.0

Video and Audio attack two of the main human senses: vision and hearing.


When we combine these two horizontally, we are able to overcome the obvious barrier by reaching more senses, not only the physical ones, but also the psychological ones.


This is No context 2.0 the #neverstoplearning project, Arthur and I experimented with audio and video to reach you sensorially, leading you to "feel" the screen. The experience is perceived when abstract images are contextualized by the sound, giving meaning, even if a simple one, to what you are seeing.


I’ve been trying to learn about Houdini for many years. Recently, I have decided to give this project everything I got so that I can learn this the best way possible. Did I learn everything? Of course not! I always say: “Houdini is not a software, it is a lifestyle” hehe

But now I think I won’t give up anymore.


Another crucial thing I learned was how to work with a Sound Designer. When I was working with Arthur I could understand what I needed to do so that we would be able to collaborate in the best way possible.


It was an incredible learning experience, I hope you like the result!


I use Houdini for FX, and  Animation and Blender for render.

Arthur uses Avid Pro Tools HD to craft the sound.